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Cash Flow Services brought my offices into the 21st Century. It was a pleasure to work with Evelyn. She is extremely knowledgeable. A year ago I approached her about getting a credit card machine and after investigating my operation she advised me that it was an unnecessary expense at that time.

Recently, my marketing consultant advised me to get a credit card machine. She made me realize that obtaining just one client (who would not otherwise retain me), would more than pay for the costs of the machine.

When I contacted Evelyn again she gave me several options that could reduce the cost. I would unconditionally recommend Cash Flow Service to anyone in need of a credit card machine.

Mark Baer, Attorney at Law

As a Vice President of a Bank I am impressed with Evelyn Siegelís professionalism and skills. I have recommended her company to my clients who have special needs in the area of processing merchant credit card transactions.

With her assistance, my customers have been able to change procedures and equipment with little disruption to the operation of their hectic businesses. They are now processing their merchant transactions in a more efficient manner and they thank me for recommending Cash Flow Services. One of them was able to eliminate four extra telephone lines!

Evelyn treats my clients as I would and she has earned my confidence

Judy Mages
First Charter Bank

For the past two years our office has incorporated the automatic payment plan with the help of Evelyn and Cash Flow Service. This process has helped us collect on past and present accounts. The set up is easy and receiving the checks from Evelyn is more reliable than waiting for the patient to mail it. It is also convenient for the patient as it is taken right out of their account on a set date.

Kenneth H. Nussen, DDS & Associates
Airport Center Family Dental Office

Los Angeles, California USA
Phone: 310.826.4847